Gentleman & some mini’s…

We are hoping to find some angels to chip in to help buy Gentleman a Thinsulate blanket like the one below. These are being offered at a special price due to an imperfection on the label. It will keep him very comfortable and it won’t weigh a ton – it is much lighter than most blankets and that is a blessing to us humans that put on and remove his blanket. My mare, Beauty, has one of these and it is the best (IMO)! It’s free ground shipping too! This is a “Clearance” item so there may not be many left.

Gentleman needs a blanket – can you help?–3907p.aspx

We also have more hooficures coming up at the end of the week for Chico, Lobo, Lily, Ebony, and Ruby. If anyone would like to help with the hooficures it would be greatly appreciated! None of these horses have sponsors for this.

Donations are tax deductible – no amount is too small and any amount is greatly appreciated! If you make a donation please indicate what it is for. Donations can be made via our website at

Keeping everyone impacted by Sandy in prayers – including the animals.

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  1. I will buy the blanket- would it be easier to give you money via PayPal or buy it and sent to you? What size? Color? Address? Thanks Cindy

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    • Oh my gosh Cindy – thank you so very much! We have $50 donated from others at this time so just the difference ($80) is needed – I’ll order the blanket now while they still have his size! Your donation can be sent via PayPal or check – oh I don’t know how to thank you! Gentleman, a Percheron, is almost 30 years old and is quite the icon here – he is loved so much. We want to make all of the time he has left with us as comfortable as possible. And we hope that is for years to come. God bless and again – THANK YOU!!

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