Spirit!!! And Cookie…

Ok, time for me to share our good news about Spirit. She left for her new home early this morning! Letting go is hard but she is going to get so much more one on one attention at her new home. Her rehab is done and she deserves this. She loaded ok and Pam said she did very well for the entire trip – she’s only about a hour or so away.

Her new human mom is simply awesome – a very interesting lady with a huge heart. Spirit has a blind Belgian mare friend as well as a couple of other new friends. This is truly an answer to prayers. Spirit having her own human and home is one of the greatest gifts I could ask for – especially here before the holiday season.

To everyone that has helped Spirit and cared about her – thank you so very much! Together, we all made a difference to this mare that was so horribly neglected. Being blind while living with 20+ other horses (including studs) was not a good experience for her but she won’t have to endure anything of the sort again. She is a beautiful girl – inside and out. Again, thank you all for caring about her.

Now, some other news. Some of you may remember Cookie. She found a home a couple of years ago. Cookie came back today. She has some issues we need to start to work on like her feet. Our podiatrist will be here this weekend to pull Cookie’s shoes and start getting her back on track to healthy feet. She has some pretty ugly lumps in her ear that could be cancer – she’ll be seeing a vet this coming week too and getting vaccinations in the near future. Cookie is a very sweet mare. I’m sorry this picture is so bad but it was late when she got here and I was hurrying to feed dinner before darkness.

I’d like to ask Spirit’s sponsors to consider helping with Cookie’s needs or perhaps another horse here. If so, please email me to let me know.

I have more really good news to share but I’ll wait until my next update. J Have a good night everyone!

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