Below is a picture of a ceramic piece of artwork that I want to share. It is of my heart horse, Beauty – the mare that is the foundation for what Beauty’s Haven is today. Because of her, we were led down a path to save the lives of many horses. She came into my life when it was a dark and scary place to be – I was recovering from a spinal cord injury that changed me and my family’s life forever. Beauty had been abused and was petrified of humans – she was a horse that could have been at high risk of going to slaughter had she ended up in the wrong hands.

It’s no coincidence that we crossed paths at just the right time – I do believe that God had plans for us and we are doing just what God meant for us to do. Karen Lewandowski visited the rescue last week – she made and gave this beautiful artwork to me as a gift.

Like Beauty, I will treasure it always. Thank you Karen.

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