Racking mare exam

Ok, so the Racking mare is a senior. Not surprised. Dr. Ryan ages her around 20. She does seem to be walking a bit better after her shoes were removed this morning and her trim was done. She has evidence of being worked too hard or too fast in her legs (tendon, ligament damage) or both. She is a 1 on the Henneke scale.

Dr. Ryan couldn’t hear any sounds in her lungs. He said it could be that she most likely had a lung infection and, if so, she would likely have had it for some time. I noticed in the first picture of her how her nostril was flared. It is not uncommon for horses that are driven or worked hard to contract something – sometimes they are worked hard and then left to stand unprotected from cold winds. Could also have been caused by stress – from working, neglect, starvation, etc. We’ll never know. But Dr. Ryan doesn’t think it’s a new condition. He thinks an ultrasound may be needed. We’ll know more this evening after the blood work comes back.

She’s a wooly girl. I wanted to give her a bath but I don’t think the weather is good enough. Terri brought a huge bag of carrots this morning – and apples. This mare adores both! We need to boost her immune system. She does have a positive attitude and that helps a great deal.

There was just something about this mare that drew me in – when someone sent me the picture of her hitched up I just felt an emergent need to help her. She was in North Carolina. Pam was on her way back from hauling horses north and was coming back empty. The timing worked out just right – I know God has his hands in this case. Had Pam not had been up there coming back I don’t know what would have happened. I just know I could not get this mare off of my mind. Pam said when she went to pick up the mare the owner offered to hitch the mare up to show Pam how she drives and/or to saddle her up for a ride. Those are painful thoughts. I will never understand the mentality of some.

She needs a few things – Senior Horse Formula (from The Healing Barn), APF, and Cocosoya oil. If anyone would like to help with these it would be greatly appreciated.

The mare is grateful to be here – I can feel it. Having a condition of the lungs brings back painful memories of Ambrosia. Let’s pray this mare found her way to us in time and we can help her get healthy and that she can live a long and happy life. A name will come for her, soon. Thank you all for caring about her. Please keep her in your prayers.

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