Indy Update

Indy has settled into his new home with his brother, Gilly. They spent about 10 minutes playing a little “get to know you who is going to be in charge” biting game. Lisha stopped it and said she will put a mare in with them tomorrow to help them sort it out. She says their personalities are the same. Indy loves to pickup and play with anything – lead rope, cell phone, grooming stuff, etc. I’m glad Gully and Indy are together. I have to say I know Faith and Indy Sr. are watching over them and are very proud. It’s a the start of a whole new life for Indy. I’m happy for him but I feel a really big void here as will our volunteers, I’m sure. L

Thank you Lisha for giving Indy a home with his brother – we’ll be looking forward to updates!

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  1. Hi Theresa,

    So sorry for not staying in contact with you, but I have been ill with this Lymphocytic Colitis for a month & ½ which was TOTALLY UNECESSARY if GI specialist has “time” for you & prescribes the correct medication. He just kept telling me take daily 2 medications that should only be taken during a bad flare-up. No, it’s not fatal (unless you totally ignore & die of dehydration), so I guess he, like many dr’s, wanted me to keep swallowing a ton of pills, again every 4 hrs. & if that didn’t work, just drop by weekly to the ER for IV fluids. WHATEVER!! Thankfully on New Year’s Eve I was dehydrated again (had made a visit to my clinic’s ER where they must have stuck me 6 + times & having @ least 3 different nurses try to get the IV going) & had to call ambulance to take me as I had no ride. Thank the good Lord St. Luke’s ER was already overloaded so they diverted me to St. Joseph’s ER. A young man who was the attending nurse got the IV in the first time, then the ER dr. (not a specialist) came in shortly asking what was going on. I told him about my condition & the first words out of his mouth was “Are you on some type of steroid for this condition or have ever taken them in the past. Of I told him no I told him I had discussed taking steroids for this condition after I had researched it on the most reputable websites, read about it in several medical books, read other people’s testimony’s about what worked best for them. He prescribed me Prednisone (10 mg, twice) & it started gradually making the symptoms go away almost completely. He told me to see my GI specialist after approximately 4 days b/c he felt this was the best answer & could possibly put it into remission & if I did have any flare-up’s which last 5 – 6 days & b/c of the nightmare symptoms I can’t work, take care of Jolly (he’s well taken care of @ the stables where I board him & I’m very close friends w/ the owner who I’ve known since March, 2007, but ya know what I mean), help take care of my elderly mother who will be 89 yrs. old on Feb. 19th, see my 4 grandkids, just leave the house to go to the grocery store, etc. So even though I got down to a low jockey weight of 115 lbs. (LOL), I just returned to work yesterday, I’m “as hungry as a horse” even after I’ve had a meal, was finally able in go see my grandkids last weekend to give them their Christmas presents & visit & last, but MOST CERTAINLY not least been to see one of the best psychiatrist’s in the world!! He’s kinda of a different type of fellow, like for instance, he can communicate w/ me very well & has 4 legs!! LOL!

    If this jerk dr. decides to NOT prescribe the Prednisone, h___, I’ll get it from the vet!! If he doesn’t want me to take it, he must thing been nauseated, having diarrhea, getting dehydrated every 4 – 6 days, I’m not going to go Cajun style on him, I’m just going to tell him see ya; I’ll find a good GI dr., check into the New Bolton Center, Rood & Riddle, Texas A&M or find Dr. Laura (Paynter’s vet who almost died due to a much, much more serious case of colitis, then that horrible scare when they found 3 of his hooves in the beginning stages of laminitis & now he’s TOTALLY recovered!! They talked about racing him after a long break, but I personally don’t think it would be a good idea. If his owner, Mr. Zayat, wants to sell him to one of the big stud farms, I know he would get quite a bit for him & he has an awesome bloodline. I most definitely respect everything Mr. Zayat did to save this colt; he, his family & team (trained by Bob Baffert) went the extra mile (JUST LIKE YOU DO EVERY DAY & NITE OF YOUR LIFE!), to save this wonderful colt!!! Hopefully, he just said something about racing again after a very long rest b/c Mr. Zayat & his wonderful, supportive truly care for this horse & he doesn’t need the money. I believe he just loves horses & racing.

    Now that I’ve written this short novel (LOL), mainly to let you know that I have not been ignoring any messages on Facebook, Twitter or e-mail. I did find out thru the grapevine (I can log in on FB on my iPhone, but I don’t have e-mail & STILL haven’t purchased a new or used laptop for home b/c it seems like every time there’s a sale, something with a horse comes up & that comes first on my list!), that little (I mean big!) Indy has been adopted to a great new home. I know I’ve never met him in person, but I remember everything he had to go thru until YOU helped so very, very much & now he’s big, healthy & beautiful going to someone who will dearly love him & from the first photo I see here, looks like he’s having a blast!! I can’t thank you enough for saving him & I wish I could have helped out more, but he was improving so nicely & then your miracle war horse, Princess Baby Girl came along in a really terrible state, so I started donating what I could afford towards her care & rehab.

    I don’t make that much @ the City of Houston, but I think I told you I’m in a partnership racing syndication @ a low percentage & if Hoosier does well, I will most definitely send something for the horses you’ve taken in! I’m planning on filing my income tax as soon as I receive my W-2 (will use rapid refund if not to o expensive) or between you & me, I’m eligible to get a $500 loan if necessary which I may do next week. If I do it today, I would have to pay something back next Fri., but if I do it Mon., I’ll have 2 weeks before I have pay back some of it.

    I haven’t had a chance to read all your e-mails, except this one, which was very special to me b/c I saw the photo yesterday of Indy before he was loaded into the trailer & @ first I was in tears, but they were bittersweet, happy tears b /c he looks FANTASTIC!!! If you could please send me a print in the mail (4 x 6) of this first picture on this e-mail or send it as an attachment so I could download it to a CD or flash drive to have a photo to remember the little Appaloosa that could, I’ll be more than happy to send you a small donation on Fri., Jan. 22nd.

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for saving Indy & giving him a great life!!!

    Oh yeah, the last photo I saw of Baby Girl looks wonderful & beautiful!! I take it she is an Alpha mare now & just enjoying being a horse!!

    I want to apologize again to you for every thinking you would put any of the horses you save in any type of bad situation; this happened awhile back when you had just taken a big draft horse & found a very suitable, nice home for him. It was very rude of me & my only excuse was I get this letter from a place called “Gentle Giants” & they kinda use the shock & awe method to get people to help , but I really don’t know hardly anything about them & I read that the kill buyers really like to get a hold of these horses b/c of their size. Heck, they are probably one of those organizations that walk hand-in-hand w/ the kill buyers & slaughter houses for all I know. So very sorry to be so rude to someone that has saved so many horses & works pretty much 24/7 @ doing this.

    I didn’t get a chance to read about Solace, but I know he/she is going thru a difficult time. If it’s not too late, I would be more than happy to donate to Solace; just let me know.

    Gotta run b/c yesterday which was my first day back @ work, I had a little over 4.500 e-mails!! LOL! A lot of it spam or advertisements, but still had to watch what I deleted wasn’t something important.

    Take care & God bless you Saint Theresa!!! Hugs to ALL your horses & a special one for Baby Girl & Solace!!! Hope the little donkey is doing as feisty as I saw in a video you posted a couple of months back!!!


    8527 GLENHEATH ST.
    HOUSTON, TX 77061

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