Indy’s Rising Son has gone home – a bittersweet day…

Ok, so it’s another bittersweet day. Our little Indy went home with his adoptive mom today to live. He’s such a sweet boy and I’m going to miss him – I already do! For those that don’t know Indy’s story here is a link ( to where you can read about it (and see pictures) in our Daily Blog. If you go to that link and follow the blog forward in time you’ll get the whole story. Short version: about 2 years ago we rescued a herd of 8 unhealthy horses that were literally living in a junkyard. Their water source was a manmade hole that collected not only rain but anything that ran off into it from the ground – oil, antifreeze, etc. When we got involved the horses were thin and their needs had obviously been neglected.

In the herd were two pregnant mares and an Appaloosa stud we named Indy. Indy was ill and we lost him a few days after he came to us to colitis – it was very sad.

Two of the mini colt’s (we named them Tucker and Red) also had colitis and it was touch and go with them too but they came around and did well. One of the pregnant mare’s, a Percheron cross we named Faith, was pregnant with little Indy but her rehab went great. She put on much needed weight and lost her rescue coat and just blossomed. This is Faith at the junkyard in the first picture and in the second picture is Faith and her yearling colt (later named Goliath) at the junkyard and a another yearling – a filly (parents unknown).

This mini mare we named Glory – she was also pregnant when she came to us. We thought she would have her baby first and had her on foal watch. We were wrong with timing though. When she did have her baby it was a little boy we named Cloud Dancer.

Well, one morning our daughter was leaving to go to school and called me to the door on her way out – she asked me why there was one more horse in the house paddock – Faith had little Indy during the night! I named the baby “Indy’s Rising Son” – a tribute to his daddy whose fate was written before he even got here.

I can see Faith in little Indy – he has her eyes and disposition. He has his daddy’s blanket.

Two months after Indy was born I found Faith down and I knew it was bad. We took her to the hospital and she got better. She came home but then took a dive for the worse – she went septic. There was nothing that could be done for her. On July 4th, 2011 Faith crossed Rainbow Bridge. It was truly heartbreaking. And it left little Indy an orphan.

After Indy lost his mom our 43 year old pony, Casper, took to raising Indy. Casper was a wise one that had watched over many of our young ones. He always kept Indy in his sight and at night he slept outside of Indy’s stall on the side of the barn. Casper had been having liver problems. We found him on the morning of July 30th – it looked like he had just laid down and went to sleep – he had crossed Rainbow Bridge. Another very sad day. Casper had been part of our family years before we moved to where we are now (he was the first pony my daughter took lessons on) and when we moved here we had no idea that a couple of years into the future he would be 1 of 5 horses we would take in from a rescue in a case from Hillsborough County – he came to us skin and bones. But his rehab went great and he enjoyed his time with us – everyone loved Casper. But his crossing left Indy an orphan again. Casper was a hero to me and I’ll always be grateful to him.

But Indy did ok – he was doted on by humans and became good friends with Baby Ray and Baby Girl. I knew the day would come when he would find his own human family and I’m happy to report that he was adopted by Lisha – a good friend of the rescue. Back in 2011 when we rescued the “junkyard” horses Lisha adopted Faith’s colt (now a gelding) and nicknamed him Gilly (for Goliath). So Indy will be living with his ½ brother too! Indy will grow up and be Lisha’s daughter’s horse. It is a perfect time for him to start his groundwork. A solid foundation of groundwork is very important, IMO – and he’ll be learning and growing up with his own young lady. But it is so hard when they go. Bob tells me to smile for the camera and I find that very hard even though I know it is in Indy’s best interest. But he is only about an hour away and I know Lisha will give us updates and send pictures. As expected, he loaded into the trailer without any problems.

To everyone that helped care for this wonderful boy – thank you. God bless you and I know none of us will ever forget his mom and dad. Indy will always be part of our family. He is now at his “home away from home” and should he ever need to come back – we are here for him, always. And Lisha – thank you for giving him this opportunity. And thank you for the home you gave Gilly.

We have so many stories we could tell of the many horses we have helped. But everything we do – all the help we give to the horses is made possible by all of you. Thank you all for your support. For those that know me – you know how much I love the horses and helping them – it is my passion. And I am very blessed to have a family that supports that passion. And for those that don’t know me and have recently started following our posts – welcome! You will meet many wonderful people through our posts. God bless and I just got an update from Lisha – Indy has settled in and has even met the chickens! LOL – he’s going to have a blast!

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  1. What a story Indy has to tell. I am so sorry for his loses and so glad you guys were there for him. Now he will start a new chapter with a young girl to canter through a life with. ❤

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