Alyse update – she’s in the hospital

Thank you all for your prayers for Alyse. She settled into a stall at the hospital. We are not sure what is wrong – she may have eaten something toxic. Her mouth and tongue are terribly blistered and we don’t know how far the blisters go down into her throat – possibly further. She also may be trying to colic. She’s getting medications and IV fluids – she doesn’t want to chew or drink. I hated leaving her but I’ll be going back tomorrow. Please keep her in your prayers.

I hate to ask for anything more – especially here on Christmas Eve. But if anyone would like to make an end of the year donation to help with her vet bills we would greatly appreciate it. Donations are tax deductible and can be made via our website at

God bless – thank you – and I wish you all a very blessed Merry Christmas.

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One response to “Alyse update – she’s in the hospital

  1. Just wondering if Alyse was dewormed recently. I attended a vet’s seminar on senior horses recently and Ivermectin Gold and Zymectrin Gold were discussed. Apparently for some horses these products can cause swelling, soreness and blisters in the mouth. But the effects are apparently self-limiting, and don’t last very many days. A quick google search this morning (“Ivermectin Gold blisters”) brought up additional information about this. Equimax doesn’t cause this problem, which is what I use.

    Prayers for Alyse, I hope she’s better very soon. Merry Christmas, and I hope you have a beautiful and problem-free day, and that Solace continues to improve.


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