BHFER Update Jan 29, 2013

Congratulations to the winners of the jewelry auctions! The 3 beautiful necklaces were graciously donated by Marie Riordan. We will be putting up new items later this week.

We ask everyone to PLEASE vote daily for Beauty’s Haven in the Shelter Challenge and spread the word so that we might win this time around!

Sunset is having a hard time with the warmer weather we’ve been having. We were able to find someone to come to clip Sunset on Saturday.

There will be a charity event at the Silly Grape in Maitland on April 6th at 8pm. Anyone not on Facebook who would like to RSVP can e-mail me at bhfer.melissa. The Silly Grape, 1720 Fennell St., Maitland, Florida 32751

Mini mares had their teeth done yesterday. It was all new to them. But they did very well. They need more handling. Amy is good but Ariel can be silly at times about being touched near her back end. Their teeth needed to be done really bad.

Penny – "But mommy Theresa I want to go in the house with you! Please!! I won’t terrorize Duke – I promise!"

I nominated Theresa Batchelor for this. Everyone please go on and VOTE for her!!

I would like to remind everyone that there are only two days left for the “January Adoption Special”.

The farrier is coming tomorrow to trim 3 horses if anyone would like to help with a hooficure it would be appreciated. Donations are greatly appreciated and can be made via our “Donate” page on the website.

Melissa Ingram

Adoptions/Events/Web Marketing

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