Kami, Haley, & Rusty update

To all their fans,

Kami and Haley have been a blast for us. They provide constant entertainment, especially Kami! She is larger than life (So she thinks) and doesn’t back down to anyone or anything. Kami and Haley spend quite a bit of time with Ouiji and Warrior since they are neighbors and all of them together are a blast! Here are some pictures of Kami and Haley:


Here they are after a bath, sitting with George and I under a tree.


Here is Kami taking a nap in my lap.




Kami (They were clipped for summer in these pics)


And here they are doing what they do best! LOL They have a rough life!

Rusty is doing well in his new home. I see him all the time and they just LOVE him. He has the run of the farm! He has a little Paso Fino gelding as a friend and they play tag and ball all the time. He is very funny and I can see where Kami gets her personality from. Here are some pictures of Rusty:

Rusty’s human Mom is a teacher, here is Rusty at school with the kids.

He was a BIG hit and so well behaved!!

Here is Rusty with his friend Chico…Guess who is boss? Not Chico! LOL

Rusty likes coke! Shortly after this photo was taken, he grabbed the cup and tried to leave with it!

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