Valentine’s Day – 2 of our proud Arabians

I wanted to get this prepared and sent out yesterday but I just couldn’t concentrate – I had to walk away and try again today.

On February 14th, 1980 an Arabian was born – his name was RC ElDinero. We called him Nick. He found his way to us on June 1st, 2007. How he found his way to us was nothing short of a miracle. He had been starved, he was diabetic and laminitic, he had Cushings Disease, and more – the odds were against him. Nick’s body condition was about the same as Solace when he first arrive – maybe a 0.5 on the Henneke scale. You can’t go much lower than that without meeting death. We had one of the best care giver’s team you could want, including Dr. Eleanor Kellon, VMD. Nicky’s story is a sad one but he brought so much good and love into our life – he had a huge heart that loved life but what humans had done, or not done, for him proved to be too much for his weak body. He was only with us for 6 weeks. But you can bet that in that 6 weeks he knew love from near and far. About 3 weeks after he got here and well into his rehab program a benefit show was held here at the rescue. At the spur of the moment during a break in the show something came over me to take Nick to the arena and let him feel the presence of the people around him. Once in the arena he stood up proud and tall – he looked around him and let out a forceful but weak whinny. I was so proud of him – tears ran down my face. We slowly walked back to the barn and he laid down – he was exhausted but he was a proud and dignified Arabian Prince and he felt it – that meant so much to me.

This was Nicky the day he caught the attention of one of our volunteers that just happened upon the farm where he was living at the end of a road. He was being boarded. He had Cushing’s and the owner said she assumed he was getting his needed medication even though she hadn’t been buying it. She hadn’t seen him in awhile and assumed he was fine. Well, I don’t believe it. He didn’t get in such bad condition overnight. Our time with him will never be forgotten and we will love him, always. The next picture was of Nicky getting a much needed bath. Here is a link to his page on our website where you can read his story and see his beautiful face in many pictures:

When Solace arrived on December 16th, 2012 thoughts of Nicky came flooding back. He’s about the same age as Nick was when he came to us. Solace’s body condition score was about the same. The 6 week mark hung in the back of my mind and, thankfully, Solace has passed that and is doing well. He is quite remarkable and is living proof that miracles do happen. This is Nick on the left and Solace on the right – it will help you to understand, I think, why I had been flooded with memories.

On February 14th, 1988 another beautiful Arabian was born – her name is RL Princes Regala. The picture on the left was taken the day she arrived at the rescue – September 4th, 2008. Her human was going off to college but wanted to make sure Princess would be forever taken care of. Princess was almost adopted on 3 different occasions but each time, as the application was being processed, something happened to her. The 1st time she had a bout of laminitis. The 2nd time she had an eye injury. And the 3rd time another bout of laminitis. We determined maybe she just didn’t want to leave. She is now a sanctuary horse that is loved by many. She is a very sweet mare. Yesterday her previous owners drove a long way to wish her a happy birthday! Unfortunately, the weather was bad but they enjoyed being together again and I enjoyed seeing the reunion.

This was taken of Gentleman and Princess today – they are BFF. Princess had just had a hooficure and was looking very happy – I’m sure she enjoyed her visitors yesterday.

Have a good night everyone. We’ll have another busy weekend ahead here at the rescue. I actually worked at the barn much of the day until late evening. It felt good but I’m beat.

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  1. Theresa, It was really hard losing Nicky. I think of him and still get really sad whenever I see his picture. What helps is knowing that he knew love in his final weeks. I will always support you and what you do and I do plan on coming to visit for sure this year. I will have more time now that my current job is ending to come.
    All my love Theresa,

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