The mare going to big cats…

Yesterday I was contacted by the owner of a 6 yr old Saddlebred that I was told may be pregnant. The mare is at a trainer’s – they say she is “dangerous” and needs to go and if we don’t take her she will go to big cats. I contacted a vet and made arrangements to meet him today for him to examine the mare. I wanted to observe her and to learn as much as I could about her. Jenny said she would go with me so off we went this morning to meet this mare. It was an absolutely beautiful day. When I first saw the mare running today, an incredible feeling innocence came over me.

She moved beautifully and an old Fleetwood Mac song immediately came to mind (I still can’t get it out of my head!) – Gypsy. I didn’t know what her name was but in my mind it was Gypsy. So, meet Gypsy…

While she looked anxious and concerned, the vet was very patient with her, she behaved well. She didn’t offer to kick, bite, push, or do anything of the sort. Once examined she was sedated in order to be palpated – the good news is that she is not pregnant but the vet thinks she will soon be ovulating.

We were told of inhumane things done to her before her current owner took her in about 3 months ago and she has been at a trainers for the last 3 weeks. She had been starved, beaten repeatedly with a 2 x 4, and handled very roughly. I asked question after question. It was explained that she has issue when confined in a stall or small pen – that she is ok until you take off the lead rope at which time she becomes unmanageable. Once the lead is off she will try to flee and take you out with her if you’re in her path. When she was in a stall at the owner’s barn one day someone walked past her stall and she lunged out and hit the human in the head. I was told two guys tried to saddle break her and she did good. Then the owner and another person tried and the other person got kicked. Then her husband did 3 weeks of groundwork with her and they tried again. They decided to send her to a trainer.

Based on what we have been told, and what we observed today, I think this mare is misunderstood and has been pushed too hard too quick – especially after the horrible life she led before her current owner got her. What I saw in her eyes was a beautiful soul behind a look that is shrouded by fear – but a longing for freedom from her past.

Her past is ugly – humans have molded her into the mare she is today. I’m told she has papers (but the previous owner wouldn’t give them up) and is a Saddlebred but I think there is some Arabian in her too. We’d like to help her but in order to do that we need help from others – she needs sponsors. At this time we are asking for pledges to help her. If anyone would like to help sponsor her please email me and put “GYPSY” in the subject line. Or, if there is anyone that has experience with horses such as this that could provide her a good home please contact me ASAP. Time is of the essence. Donations are tax deductible and no amount is too small but again, at this time, we are looking for pledges. Once (if) we know we have enough support we will ask that pledges be turned into donations. We’d like to get her here, safe, as soon as possible. Thank you.

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  1. I’ve posted her out to Saddlebred people, she probably is a National Show Horse Arabian x Saddlebred. The Saddlebred people will most likely be able to identify her since pintos to be registered have to have pictures submitted. Lorrie

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