BHFER Update Lots of Pics!

I haven’t had a chance to get a detailed update out in awhile so be prepared – this one is long with lots of pictures! It was a busy and cold weekend – the winds have been absolutely horrible. Trying to blanket a horse in these winds is a disaster! Beanie Barbaro has been with us visiting – you’ll see him in many of the pictures.

Amy and Ariel were not sure what to think of Beanie Barbaro. Amy was asking quite a few questions about him while Ariel was explaining to him that she would appreciate it if he didn’t wander very close to her feed tub. Ariel looks to be a bit further along in her pregnancy than Amy is but looks can be fooling! All we know is that they were bred in April of last year.

Kathy and Rhonda stopped in on Friday while Dr. Ryan was here checking out Genesis’ right eye. It had been a bit weepy and we thought it needed to be seen. When Genesis came to us a few months ago his right eye had already sustained damage (detached lens and cataract) which could have been done long ago – there is no way to tell when it happened. I was hoping it was just a clogged tear duct but Dr. Ryan suggested a full eye exam so we’ll be making arrangements to take Genesis to UF this week. He doesn’t appear to be in any discomfort. He’s such a sweet boy.

Barbara came up for the weekend – she thinks the girls are all adorable – and they are!

Penelope and Penny are as sweet as ever. Penny gets into quite a few things and is quite entertaining. She even curled up for a bit with Beanie Barbaro and told him all about how she got to the rescue and how happy she is that all of the horses here are loved.

Sunset got a little concerned when the wind blew Beanie Barbaro over while he was visiting with her. But no worries – he was back in the golf cart ready to go meet more friends in no time.

He sat for awhile and watched the other horses run and play – in weather like this they all get silly at times.

Rosita is so pretty in pink!

Aaleyah Belle and Baby Girl were still tugging at each other’s blankets the last time I saw them this evening.

Beanie Barbaro had the best seat – he kept warm in his own blanket while he was cushioned by other blankets in the back of the golf cart as we were making the rounds.

He got out to meet Sunset but the winds were so bad they blew him over! Sunset looked concerned but kept on munching on her hay.

Magic remembered Beanie from his visit last year!

I think Beanie enjoyed visiting with Lily the most. She seemed to really like him too.

Lily and a cow across the fence had a stare down – I’m not sure who won. They seemed fascinated by each other.

Beanie Barbaro got to ride around with Genesis for a bit.

Nevada is doing better – he’d been lame in his back right. He doesn’t seem to be missing Noelle and Sachet – they are all settled into their new home. I miss them, and Silver Belle and Rayo, very much.

Sachet, Noelle, and Nevada were our “Holiday Trio” save. All filled out and are absolutely beautiful – and very sweet! The girls are loving all of the attention they’re getting with their new humans. They were adopted together to be trail companions. Here is a picture of Sachet the day she came to the rescue and the day before she left to go to her new home.

Oreo shared a “high five” with Beanie Barbaro this morning. Yesterday he sat in the window for awhile resting – it’s been very busy since he arrived. I wonder what he was thinking? I hope he enjoyed his visit.

We took Adora into the tack room go clean her up a little bit. She is a bit nervous of new things – I don’t think she’s had much handling and if she did maybe it wasn’t done very nicely. We picked or cut out 36 large prickly burrs that were buried under Adora’s coat rubbing against her skin. She looked a little brighter after we got her tangles and burrs out and treated some sores under her coat.

She has very sharp teeth on the right side of her mouth and when she chews she makes funny noises. We’ll get her teeth done as soon as we can get someone out. Her feet will get done on Tuesday. She’s not very comfortable picking them up – especially the back ones.

Aaleyah Belle, Baby Girl, and Baby Ray having a blast! I was worried about Aaleyah Belle missing Silver Belle and Rayo since they left to go to their new home. But she is doing fine. All she wanted to do today when getting her blanket put on was to put her tongue on everything! This picture is fuzzy because it is a screenshot of a video I took – I’ll try to upload to YouTube in the next couple of days.

Gypsy is doing great. I didn’t get to spend much time with her over the weekend though.

Penny is often bugging Morgan – trying to get her to run and play with her. Well, Morgan complied yesterday and many of them got to running around!

Here is Sunset wandering into a paddock she’d never been in before – she is such a sweet girl. And we have some really great news – Lisa, a long time friend and supporter, offered Sunset a forever home! In a few weeks, when transport is available and the weather is right, she will be leaving to live with Lisa in Colorado! This truly is the answer to prayers! Lisa is very familiar with the PMU industry – having taken in PMU babies of her own and support PMU rescue efforts. She has two Percherons – Moonlight Valentino and Hope. Sunset will have a life of love and care that every horse deserves – she will never want for anything. I am sooo happy for her! Thank you Lisa!!!

Sisco is doing ok but Dr. Porter will be returning in a couple of weeks to treat his tumor area with cisplatin again. The area is healing well but yesterday I found a small area of concern. Everyone that meets Sisco can’t believe how great he looks and how healthy he appears – he’s a happy boy!

One of the storage rooms at the barn got cleaned out yesterday – it looks so much better – a little early spring cleaning. Morgan LaFaye had visitors yesterday – I think she may have a home!

We continued to receive Valentine Day cards last week and got a couple of emails that more were coming so we opted to do our Valentine’s Day yesterday – the horses adore and appreciate their cards and gifts! Thank you everyone from the horses and us humans!

And we thank Beanie Barbaro for taking time out of his busy schedule to visit with us. I’d hoped for good weather before he left but it didn’t come. Tomorrow he will be flying to Kentucky!

We hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Please don’t forget to RSVP about the April 20th Celebration of Life – we hope to see you all!

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