Genesis – surgery in the am

Arriving at the University of Florida for Genesis to have an eye exam. His right eye, the one with the detached lens, has been weepy and causing him discomfort.

Sadly, I left him at the hospital – he will have surgery in the am. All options were discussed and it was decided it would be in his best interest to remove his eye. He has glaucoma and the pressure was causing him much discomfort. It wasn’t going to get any better.

He will have his surgery standing. Putting him all the way down would put him at risk for injury or worse. I will be going back to the hospital in the morning. I feel so bad for him. He is such a good boy. I am sad about this – it’s a shame. Oh – he weighed in at almost 1700 lbs – he is a big teddy bear! The only comfort I find in making decisions such as this is that it will bring Genesis relief from discomfort. Please keep him in your prayers.

I’ll update from the hospital tomorrow. I’m exhausted and am calling it a day. We need to ask for help with his vet bill. They are estimating it will cost about $1500. If anyone would like to help it would be greatly appreciated. Donations are tax deductible and no amount is too small. Donations can be made via our website “Donate” page at theresa. Thank you.

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