Some pics from today

Peggy Sue got clipped today – she’s SO cute!

Gentleman got some attention today too. He’s so sweet. His age has caught up to him and he has some not so good days but he has good days too. But when the bad outweighs the good, well, we know at some point we will leave us and the thought of that makes me very sad. He has arthritis and moves slow but he still has lots of life in his eyes and he’s happy. We appreciate each and every minute with him. He is so loved and he knows it.

Solace trying to snooze – there were lots of things going on at the rescue today. Roxie and Jenna gave him a much needed bath.

Bob went to Cedar Key this am to pick up a hood for Genesis with protective eye cup but it didn’t fit – it was too small. The one we thought we were buying at the hospital yesterday had been too small for him too. So today I spent hours looking frantically for something here to work and finally found a mask we had for a horse that had Uveitis flare ups. Sue Ann was visiting from TN and was Genesis’ primary care giver most of the day. I’m so glad she was here to stay with him to make sure he didn’t rub his face (which he had started to do this am) while I spent hours trying to come up with something to protect his eye.

I have lots more pictures but will update again tomorrow evening. It’s been an exhausting day – don’t forget to turn your clocks forward tonight!

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