Update and reminder…

A couple more pictures from today…

Lou Ann did some feet this am. Frodo says "Nope, not me today!" Little stinker.

Genesis had taken a liking to Princess today on his walkabout. Hum… It was back to the barn for him!

We hope to pick up the mini mare tomorrow that is a sitting duck for the coyotes – someone donated the funds today for her first month’s care! She looks pretty pregnant. But she’s skinny. I hope she doesn’t have her baby tonight.

I’ll update tomorrow where we are with the hay game – last Jeanne updated me we needed $640 but I know a couple of more donations came it. Thanks everyone!

Have a good night everyone and please don’t forget about the raffle for a bracelet made from Gentleman’s mane/tail. It ends on Friday! It was made by Lisa Austin of Crazy4ponytails. Bid increments: $5. Please remember to e-mail your bids to: bhfer.melissa! Current bid: $175

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