Update – Twinkle, Solace, More!

This is yesterday’s update:

Solace napping in the sun after breakfast. He’s doing great.

He has a job he seems to really take pride in – watching over his little herd of mini mares!

Amy has come to love human attention. Ariel is much better. Adora is still adorable!

We got the mini mare that I was worried coyotes would get! We were told she doesn’t know human touch and doesn’t lead. She’s a cute girl looking ready to foal soon. I think we will call her Twinkle! Bob ran into a neighbor at the feet store this evening and he said he has killed 4 coyotes in the last week. He breeds Beagles for hunting dogs. The momma dog went out with her 2 pups one evening and the pups came back – she likely gave herself so her pups could run back home. So sad. I’m so glad Twinkle is here a bit more protected from the coyotes.

Photo: I think we will call her Twinkle!

Her feet were horribly long – she had a hooficure which went ok. She has got to feel better now that her feet are done.

Will try to stick her tomorrow to see how tall she us. I have no idea how old she is. I do think she has had some handling though – either that or she is a fast learner willing to trust.

Photo: Will try to stick her tomorrow to see how tall she us.

Sisco. Its hard to take a picture when they are like your shadow! Dr. Porter will be out next week to do Sisco’s next chemo treatment.

Photo: Sisco. Its hard to take a picture when they are a shadow!

This is from today:


Don’t forget the horse hair bracelet auction off! This one is made from Gentleman’s hair! It was made by Lisa Austin of Crazy4ponytails.
CURRENT BID: $180! Bid increments: $5 Auction ends: 3-15-13. Please remember to e-mail your bids to: Bhfer.melissa! Happy bidding!!

We need to try to finish up the hay game – will need to get the hay mid next week. I think we are down to needing somewhere in the $500 range. Remember that for every $20 donation you make towards the hay, you will get one entry to win a nice "Shoofly" made from Solace’s hair!! We appreciate every little amount you can spare! UPDATE: We really need to get this hay – we are doubling the chances! If you have already donated for a chance for $20 you’ll get 2 chances. From here on out for every $10 you’ll get 1 chance!

Please share the info on the auction and the hay game! Thank you all for caring – have a beautiful and blessed day!

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