Dental Day

It was another busy day at the rescue. This is Linda visiting with Cookie – she is our fly mask escape artist! Linda drove down from SC to visit with us for a few days. I’m glad she got to meet the horses (and humans). She worked hard and we certainly appreciate her making time for us. We enjoyed her visit very much!

Dr. Bess (Darrow) came to do some teeth today. Adora was first – her mouth was atrocious! She had 3 loose teeth and lots of sharp points. I think Adora will be very pleased with her new mouth and I think she will start to put on some weight now.

Twinkle’s corner incisors are twisted 90 degrees. They were filed off and she got some other work done. We didn’t want to sedate her – she’s very pregnant. She did really well – I’m very proud of her!

Reese tried to convince Dr. Bess she did not need anything done to her teeth! Well, luckily for Reese, her teeth didn’t need much work.

I’m going to finish up a few things and call it a day. Have a good night everyone!

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