Lucy today & Penny

Dr. Julia was very pleased with Lucy today – Lucy was bright eyed and bushy tailed. Her exam went well – heart, lungs, gut – all sounded good. Temperature remains normal.

Lucy took a good nap after her exam.

I sat with her for awhile.

Lucy loves human touch so much she even tried to hold my hoof. LOL!

Auntie Judy spoiled her this morning.

She enjoyed her time outside.

Auntie Karen came and stayed with Lucy for a few hours this evening.

Penny has been laying down a lot – she’s just not been herself. Dr. Julia examined her and all seems ok but she did some blood work.

CaryLou was full of himself today. He reminds me of a bunny rabbit.

I don’t’ know why he was making this face but he wasn’t happy with something!

We are currently waiting for Dr. Ryan to arrive. There is an issue with Lucy’s catheter and as hard as I’ve tried I just can’t fix it. Have a good night everyone!

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