Lucy and CaryLou

Lucy is doing well – she gets lots of attention which she just soaks right up. Dr. Porter stopped by to drop off some medicine for Sisco and took a look at Lucy. He says he’s seen this condition before and he agrees – she needs time to adjust to changes – she needs to learn how to use her mouth in way that works. But she is doing it and she’s eating and drinking better each day. He says her head will remold some (get smaller) over the next couple of years but likely will never be normal. But that’s ok – Lucy is beautiful!

Lucy did have a major breakthrough today – she made her first real poop since she has been here!!! We are so proud of her and her “I can do this” spirit! We’re still praying for a miracle but feel better each day.

We are waiting on CaryLou’s blood work results. He has been started on antibiotics. Fortunately, he has an appetite. His temp is still up and he’s being monitored closely.

Please keep both CaryLou and Lucy in your prayers. Thank you all so very much. I’ll update again when we get the blood work back.

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