CaryLou is in the hospital…

We were happy to find CaryLou’s temp was down this morning but as the day went by it crept back up. I had shaved him, he’d gotten alcohol baths, etc. and temp was up to 104+ and climbing.

I prayed and the little voice said we needed to go to the hospital. So off we went. I followed Pam with our precious cargo and Jenny went to the rescue to take care of everyone there with Bob. Twinkle was a bit worried when they were unloading but I don’t blame her. I was too.

They did x-rays and didn’t find anything. Blood work was normal.

He was so brave – it took my mare, Beauty, quite awhile to step onto something like this!

CaryLou wasn’t very happy about having an IV catheter put in. And I have to admit it – me and his mom were not happy either.

Twinkle was getting more and more upset waiting while they were putting an IV catheter in CaryLou so I talked to her and reassured her it would be ok – she’s a good momma.

CaryLou and his mom are staying at the hospital tonight. Dr. Hughes thinks he may have a condition (with his windpipe) that he was born with combined with something else causing the temperature. He may need surgery. They have to do more tests. He is getting antibiotics. He has never stopped nursing so that is a good thing.

Being in the dusty stall wasn’t doing me very good so I sat outside for a bit to make sure they calmed down and they did. I felt horrible leaving them at the hospital. I hugged them goodbye and promised I’d see them tomorrow. Today’s experiences were all so new to Twinkle – so many people and much commotion. I wasn’t very concerned about how CaryLou would take the adventure – he’s an adventurous little boy. I am very proud of both of them but I will worry until they are home – healthy and happy.

Today’s expenses were estimated by the hospital to be at least $800. I’m too beat at this moment to think about a fundraiser – I feel a migraine coming on so I’m going to try to put it out before it gets worse. Please keep Twinkle and CaryLou in your prayers. If anyone would like to help with the expenses it would be so very much appreciated. Donations can be called in to Peterson & Smith Large Animal Hospital at 352-237-6151 or they can be made via our “Donate” page on our website

I do want to share this picture of Lucy. She is tucked in for the night – we’ve had some rain. Lucy has a friend – there is a tiny little bird that we’ve named Ricky that keeps her company. Ricky came the day Lucy arrived and has stayed. If you look in the right corner of the windowsill you can see him. So cute. Lucy continues to do well.

I’ll update tomorrow when I know more. Thank you all for your support.

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