CaryLou Update & 2 beauties…

We are very happy to have CaryLou and his momma, Twinkle, back home. He escaped from his stall this morning at the hospital and went on his own adventure! LOL! Pam got them back to the farm, safe and sound.

Arriving back at the rescue. It was so good to see them!

CaryLou’s temperature has stayed in the normal range. The breathing issue with his windpipe, well, it’s still there. He sounds like a little Darth Vader at times and he still coughs now and then. It’s a scary thought to know his windpipe could fail but we’re not going to think that way – we think positive and pray it heals over time – we need another miracle. He’ll be on IV antibiotics for a few days. We still don’t know what caused the high temperatures – at one point it was 104.9. We treasure each minute with him.

I want to share a pictures of a couple of my favorite horses – Beauty and Princess. Both Arabians.

Both are being treated for Equine Metabolic Syndrome. A couple of months ago Beauty had rotated about 15 degrees in her front right and could barely walk for weeks. EquiPride, thyroxine, and lots of TLC. She’s much better which makes me very happy! Even Beauty can do the “cricket dance!”

I’m beat and need to call it a day – it’s going to be a long day tomorrow. I haven’t answered any emails or posts, I’m sorry, there just has been no time. And we’ll be up again at 3:30 am to give CaryLou his meds. Thank you all for your continued prayers and support. Have a wonderful weekend.

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