Today’s needs

I want everyone to know how much we appreciate you and your support – we have received enough donations (including pledges) to cover the needs posted this am! Dr. Ryan had to reschedule until tomorrow.

Sisco’s eye, well, the silly boy seems to be allergic to the no-see-ums and he does wear a flymask. He had one on this am but when volunteers Ginny and Marie went to change masks today his was off – courtesy of Nevada, I’m sure. That’s when they saw his eye was swollen. I went out and got him and took him to the barn where he will be staying until further notice. He got some meds per Dr. Ryan and is happily munching on hay.

On the golf cart. It’s an electric 1998 Yamaha with lift kit and 700 amp controller. We use it to pull the poop spreader, among other things. I don’t think it wouldn’t be less expensive to replace it – we just replaced the batteries a few months ago to the tune of $1000! It’s not inexpensive to maintain but it gets used a LOT!

If anyone calls and I don’t answer, or if I do answer and there is silence or a totally non-understandable voice that answers, it’s because my voice is gone 75% of the time. Still coughing and allergies are bad.

I am so relieved that today’s posted needs are covered – that helps tremendously. Thank you all so very much!

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