Friday & Saturday April 12 – 13, 2013 at the rescue

This is Penny trying to help her mom get a hooficure yesterday – LOL!

Ceri was very good for Fabio. She is such a sweet mare – very kind and appreciative for anything done for her. She’s very vocal too!

Her feet definitely needed to be done.

This was Lucy this am showing us how much better her jaws are working – first she got into the bag of carrots and then she snuck into the feed room!

Yes, she did get a little scolding but she had no remorse about getting into a bag of oats! Gotta love her!

Here is Lucy talking with Gentleman at the barn today – look how small she is next to him! She could walk under him if she wanted to! She seemed to really think he is handsome – she hardly took her eyes off of him.

Vicky, Mary, and Teri came and clipped some of the horses today and did a great job – thank you ladies SO much! This is Reese – she is so much more comfy now. Well, do you think she’s pregnant?

Lucy and Reese made friends – they really like each other and started grooming each other almost right away!

We would brush Adora out daily and she’d grow a thick winter coat again overnight – she looks like a new horse now! She’s gaining weight nicely now that Dr. Bess took care of her teeth.

And so the very busy day is about over and I’m calling it a day ASAP. Maybe we’ll have a baby or two by morning. In the mean time – have a wonderful night!

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  1. Just thought that I would share. a friend of mine lost a horse that inhaled a plastic bag that had carrots in it. They tried everything to save him. Horrible death. I now refuse to let any kind of plastic bags in our barn.

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