Pics from the last few days…

I have tried to get out an update since the Celebration – but it’s been one thing after another. Here are a few pictures – I’ll post more as soon as I can.

Minis were everywhere at the Celebration!

This little boy is like a little Energizer bunny – he’s all over the place! It’s hard to believe he has windpipe issues but we are reminded quickly when we hear him sounding like Darth Vader.

“CaryLou you need to stop pestering Lucy so much!" “But mommy Theresa, I like to play!”

"Playing is one thing but the nipping has to stop, ok?"


"But I like to nip too – I’m a baby and it’s called teething!"


"I’m going to talk to my other mommy about this!"


CaryLou wore himself out!

The donkeys explaining why they should get all of the treats…


Classy getting hugs from Susan.


Gabby could not believe how big Genesis is!


Baby Girl – she is so beautiful!


Peaches is still as sweet as ever.


There’s nothing like getting slimed by Aaleyah Belle!


Look at that tongue!


I love this photo!


Adora yesterday – she’s not spoiled. Not at all. LOL!


Ciscos chemo area looks really good!


Woke up to a busted main water line that goes to the pressure tank. Not sure how that could happen. Mark came and helped Bob to fix it. More has to be done over the weekend on something electrical but we have water – whew!


Reese was ultra sounded today and she not pregnant! Whew!


Blackie is doing really well.


Can’t keep a white horse clean! Lace is also doing great.


Genesis and Cookie. I wish all of our paddocks had shade like this.


We have several mini’s that are due for hooficures that are looking for sponsors…. Anyone?

T-shirt orders were processed yesterday – I apologize for the delay but we were a bit overwhelmed with the Celebration of Life. We are currently out of 2XL but will be placing an order soon. Thanks to everyone that has ordered! We currently only have Small and Medium left in stock but we are placing another order.

Here is a link to a short video of CaryLou – we gave him a bigger ball in hopes he will quit pestering Lucy so much. Enjoy – guaranteed to make you smile!

There is a full moon tonight and we have two mini mares that we thought would have had their babies by now – Amy and Ariel. We’ll see what the night brings. Please don’t forget that if you have Internet Explorer 10 you can watch our barn cams via The cams are not on MareStare although we hope to get them there soon – but for now we have a different system. Please don’t hesitate to call if anything seems to be happening! 352-258-9309.

Have a good night everyone and please forgive me if I haven’t responded to your email or PM – I’m trying to get caught up but already tomorrow is Friday and I have spent little time in the office.

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