Ladybug’s eye

We had an emergency with LadyBug this morning. She somehow ripped her left eyelid almost off. She is the mare that lost her right ear to an animal attack a few years ago – just before we took her in. She lives with her foster mom just down the road from the rescue.

The vet cleaned it up good.

It took a few stitches to sew it up. We won’t know for a few days if the flap will be ok or have to come off.

LadyBug isn’t too happy about it and I know she won’t like having the medication put in her eye each day. She will have to see the vet again in a few days. Please pray for a speedy recovery.

We could really use some help with LadyBug’s emergency vet visit/treatment. If anyone would like to help donations can be made via PayPal to address Theresa or via the “Donate” page ( on our website. Donations are tax deductible and no amount is too small. Credits can also be called into the vet’s office at 352-237-6151 (just let them know it’s for LadyBug). Thank you!

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