Happy Birthday Aaleyah Belle!

Aaleyah Belle is a very special Thoroughbred that was born on the day that Eight Belles lost her life – May 3rd, 2008. Eight Belles crossed the finish line in 2nd place at the Kentucky Derby that day – but in doing so, sadly, she broke both front ankles and was euthanized where she went down. Aaleyah Belle, named in honor of Eight Belles, was born that day with a wry nose and couldn’t nurse. She and her mom were going to be shot if we didn’t help them. After some rehab here at the rescue surgery was performed at UF to correct her nose and she did great. If you don’t know Aaleyah’s story here is a link – http://bhfer.org/aaleyah_diary1.htm. There are 3 parts to her diary that you’ll find links to while reading. Aaleyah overcame so many obstacles – she is a miracle! Here are just a few pictures from her story and diary.

This is Aaleyah, only a few hours old, with Momma Sue on the day they arrived at the rescue.

Aaleyah on her 1st birthday.

Aaleyah Belle – she is beautiful!


Please take time to read Aaleyah’s story. It’s an incredible story of love between three babies (Aaleyah Belle, Buttercup, and Silver Belle) and a mare (Momma Sue) that raised all three of them – and the humans that will always adore them. The story will bring laughter and tears. I know that Momma Sue is always watching over her daughter from above and that she is so very proud of her. Aaleyah is a true blessing to us and taught us that we should never give up!

Happy birthday our lovely Aaleyah Belle – you are loved more than you will ever know!

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  1. hi theresa!
    thankyou for this heartwarming story and all that you do and continue to do for our most beloved and majestic pets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! have a blessed weekend!!!!!
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