Donkey Roping Competition – Meet Tia and Tess

Thank you to everyone that contacted the organizers of the donkey roping competition that was planned for today in Texas and asked them to cancel. In the contest, held to raise funds for the Marines, donkeys are roped and tormented for “entertainment.” We have been advised that the “benefit” was cancelled but I haven’t seen anything to actually confirm it yet. I hope and pray it is true. When I think about something like that happening to Penny or Penelope or Domino, well, it is just unthinkable!

I’d like to introduce Tia and Tess – a mother and newborn that needed a safe place to land. Tess was born yesterday morning – they arrived at the rescue yesterday evening in the winds and rain. And we had terrible rain and wind storms through the night but they were comfortable in the shelter of the quarantine paddock with hay and forage.

Tess weighs about 30 lbs and has the markings of a Jerusalem donkey – here is a link to the story behind the markings:

Dr. Ryan examined them today and we got some results back this afternoon – the baby’s IGG is good. Whew!

Tia is young herself – maybe four years old. She adores her baby.

The dark you see on mom is rain rot we’ll be treating – she’s lost a good part of her coat on her right side. But the loss is ok because unhealthy coat has to come out so new, healthy coat can come in. And there is some on her legs – some a bit all over. Baby Tess is all legs and ears!

If anyone would like to help sponsor these precious girls please let me know. Have a good night everyone – I’ll be away from the computer until tomorrow afternoon.

Thank you!

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