Meet Stetson…

It was another busy day at the rescue – there were a dozen hooficures done and some dental work was done too. Many thanks to Marie, Bob, Ginger, Kayla, Judy, Fabio, and Dr. Bess for all that was done in the hours I was gone – as always – we appreciate you all and your support. Marie worked super overtime and must be exhausted tonight!

Jenny and I left in the morning to see the stud – I had decided to call him Stetson. For some reason that name came to me the first time I saw a picture of him. So, meet Stetson…

He is thin, very thin.

Very kind eyes that looked a bit worried.

We left the farm this morning to take him some hay but instead of leaving the hay I called Pam (Double B Transport) to come pick him up and take him to the rescue – thanks Pam! Once here, he seemed surprised, and pleased, to see other horses.

He is thin – no fat and very little muscle. He moves rather awkwardly at a fast walk or greater. But he is young and his rehab has now begun. He’s already beautiful – just wait until he fills out!

He’s pretty vocal and he continues to talk with the others – he was alone where we picked him up from. Welcome to Beauty’s Haven Stetson – no more worries!

The mini’s were standing by their fence looking up and over at him like "OMG he is TALL!" Except for little CaryLou – he looked at him like “Ok, I’m the big guy around here – my barn, my rules, got it?”

The vet will be out tomorrow to examine Stetson. If anyone would like to help him our PayPal address is Theresa. Or donations can be made via our “Donate” page of our website ( Donations are tax deductible and no amount is too small. We are an all volunteer organization with no paid staff. We are only able to do what we do because of support from others. We’ll have a better idea of his needs after he is vetted tomorrow.

I’m calling it a day – I’m running off of about 3 hours of sleep from last night due to an asthma attack. I know I have PM’s, emails, and phone calls to respond to and I’ll try to get to them tomorrow. Thank you all for caring – God bless and good night!

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  1. another lucky horse! thanks for rescuing him. he will be gorgeous when he fills out.Kathryn Baker   

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