Twinkle, CaryLou, and Wally

Twinkle has been coughing for a few days. I had called Dr. Ryan when it started and he said to monitor her and if no better to call him back in a few days so he could come out and examine her and do some blood work. So – I called him back this am and he came out. She has not has a temperature and her appetite is always good. But she sounds like a goose! Her blood work is normal so he thinks it’s allergies. If anyone would like to help with Twinkle’s vetting today the bill is $97. Any amount would be appreciated and no amount is too small. Donations are tax deductible and can be called into the vet’s office at 352-237-6151.

We have several hooficures coming up on Thursday and Friday and would be greatly appreciate help with these too. Stetson is #1 on the list to be done tomorrow along with many others. Peggy Sue is on the list for Friday along with at least 2 others.

CaryLou will have his first hooficure – oh joy! Dr. Ryan checked CaryLou today – his breathing is the same. Dr. Ryan is amazed at how built CaryLou is – it’s like he is on steroids! I was worried about his after math from being double barreled by Amy yesterday but he’s not sore from it at all. He is bored – he’s flattened all of his play balls and has been mounting the mares (and he’s not even 2 months old!) and getting into trouble! Amy kicked him yesterday because he tried to mount her. He’s getting friskier and I’m afraid one of his hooves will get Lucy in the face. So, CaryLou has a new friend named Wally. Wally is a mini colt that is about CaryLou’s height – they can play together. Also, when Amy and Ariel have their babies, I’m afraid that CaryLou and his antics would be too much for them – we don’t want any babies being hurt either. So, the boys will be moved to a paddock of their own with Twinkle at some point soon. I have a cute video of CaryLou and his semi flat ball from today that I’ll try to post tomorrow. I’ll try to get pictures of the boys tomorrow. I did remember to put the camera battery on the charger tonight.

If anyone has any mini or horse size flymasks we could sure use them! We also need horse size break away halters. Have a great night everyone!

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