Solace, Lucy, CaryLou, Wally, and Beauty!

Solace wasn’t feeling himself today – he had a high temperature. He got cold hosed and some Banamine. This evening his temperature is normal and his appetite is good. Hopefully it was just a passing bug.

Are they all not adorable? Lucy, Wally, and yes – CaryLou is pretending to be taking a nap!

Ceri under saddle today for the first time since she has been with us. She’s a lovely Arabian mare.

Kylie and Roxy bathed four horses today – including Beauty (“founder” of BHFER and my heart horse!).

I didn’t watch the Preakness but was very happy to learn that there were no breakdowns. Congratulations to all – they are all winners in my book!

Good night everyone – thank you all for caring and for your continued support!

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