Harvey am update…

Updates from this am until 1:30 today…

This am: Gracie is a good momma. She’s about to get a hooficure while waiting on vet. Called the vet out because the baby’s IV isn’t working.

And Harvey’s back right leg is swollen and warm. He does not have a temperature. He’s nursing. But he’s also running around like a little rabbit all over the place. He wipes out and gets right back up and goes again.

So Gracie got her hooficure while the vet’s checked out Harvey. She’s a good girl.

Getting ready to tap the joint.

Didn’t see much when they tried to draw fluid so we are praying it’s just swelling from him jumping around the stall like a rabbit.

Harvey was up and nursing not long after.

So now we wait on the blood work. Harvey has had his couple of days to settle in and Dr. Ryan says he’s ready for surgery provided the blood work is ok. We are prepared to take him to the hospital for corrective surgery for his luxated patella. He’s so active I’m afraid he’ll end up injuring himself.

The surgery he needs is not unusual on dogs. But horses, well, it’s rare. However, Harvey is small – only about 25 lbs, if that. He has a good chance!

Harvey was in Horse and Man today – a special Bucket Fund just for him! http://horseandman.com/?p=26589. Thank you Dawn!

Please keep him in your prayers. His name, Harvey, means “warrior” and he does have a lively and bold spirit and huge determination! He’s come this far – he just has to be ok. God bless Harvey and all of you for caring. Thank you!

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