Harvey’s background post from yesterday and YouTube

Gracie is an 8 year old mini mare that delivered a baby boy on or about May 14th. It’s not exactly known when he was born – the owners had been out of town. But when they found him he was unable to stand. Baby and mom were taken to a hospital where the baby had plasma (he had been unable to nurse and his IGG was very low) and antibiotics were started via IV. Once stable, more tests and x-rays were done and it was determined he had right hind patella luxation – a congenital defect which left his back left leg unable to be used. He hops around on 3 legs and is very good at it! Surgery would be expensive and require some aftercare. His owners had spent $2000+ dollars on him already and were at the end of the line for funds.

Nobody wanted to euthanize this precious boy and that would have been the next step – but a series of events led the owner to us. Before agreeing to take them in, I spoke with the attending vet as well as vets at UF about needed surgery. His attitude is positive and he is doing very well. He has a good chance of living a good life with the surgery. The alternative was to be euthanized. We were his last hope – could we take him and his mom? Well, how could we say no? We couldn’t! We do believe he was meant to find his way here – there is more to the story about how he got his name, and how he got here, but I’ll have to share that a bit later. BTW – "Harvey" means warrior!

His is a fighter with a love for life – you’ll see it in this video!

Harvey does have a long road ahead of him. He has eyes on him 24/7. Even though he is doing well, we know babies can crash pretty fast . Please keep him in your prayers.

Needed surgery won’t be inexpensive. We are a non-profit rescue organization with no paid staff. We work totally from donations from others. Donations are tax deductible and no amount is too small. Please consider helping us to help Harvey get the surgery he needs. You can donate via PayPal to address theresa via our website at www.bhfer.org or via http://horseandman.com/?p=26589.

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