Harvey to the hospital… 06/06/13 Thursday

I have been having trouble with my email and am late getting this out – this is Thursday’s update.

Harvey seemed a little irritated last night and wasn’t as active yesterday. He got an enema – he hadn’t passed any poop. His temperature was normal. His back leg that was operated on is doing well.

He did sleep like a baby – he’s precious.

This is what we found this morning – he greeted us with his beautiful baby face and his blankie.

However, I need to ask for more prayers. Harvey still hasn’t gone poop and I’m supposed to give him another enema. Part of the problem is he isn’t nursing enough. I have to be at the milk bar and point things in the right direction much of the time. He just doesn’t latch on easy. It may be because his leg is bothering him. He won’t drink from a tub or a bottle – I’ve been giving him momma’s milk from a syringe in addition to what he does get when he nurses. Gracie gets full and grumpy so I milk her to give her relief. We don’t want him dehydrated.

I called Dr. Lugo and Dr. Martinez came to the farm and examined Harvey. He got mineral oil and was tubed. We opted to take Harvey to the hospital to be started on fluids and so x-rays/ultrasound could be done.

Gracie loaded right up. Harvey and I rode in the backseat of the truck while Jenny drove – Harvey looked like a Sunday passenger on a pleasure ride. He’s a doll. They settled right into a stall at the hospital.

Saying a prayer with the little one and his momma.

X-rays/ultrasound were done and Harvey was started on fluids. Dr. Lugo and Dr. Martinez advised Harvey did, in fact, have an impaction. This was not good news.

While at the hospital – giving Harvey some time for the oil and fluids to start working, Bob called me to advise that Celesta was lame and uncomfortable. Dr. Lugo and Dr. Martinez went to the farm to examine Celesta. They did x-rays and blood work was done. Dr. Lugo returned to the hospital and advised there appeared to be an issue in Celesta’s bone in her front leg. She has been started on antibiotics. While we were still at the hospital with Harvey, Celesta’s blood work results came back which confirmed an infection. Dr. Lugo advised that he and Dr. Martinez will be at the farm in the am to x-ray the bone and inject antibiotics into the area. She will also get an IV catheter since she will be on medication for several days.

We discussed our options with Dr. Lugo and Dr. Martinez about Harvey and then headed back to the farm. Another major surgery on Harvey would be very, very hard on him. We will be running him fluids and giving him overnight to pass poop/oil. He slept most of the way back to the rescue – it was only 15 minutes away. We will regroup in the morning and pray for poop overnight.

And then, a few hours later, Harvey passed what was hopefully the impaction – we had poop!

We will continue to closely monitor Harvey and he will get fluids every 3 hours. Jenny is here and is taking the first shift until 3 am. Prayers were answered – thank you all! Let’s now pray he continues to poop. And pray that Celesta’s infection resolves quickly. And I have to say that Dr. Lugo, Dr. Martinez, and the staff at Ocala Equine Hospital have been wonderful. Everyone there just loves Harvey!

We need to ask for help with Harvey’s medical bills. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit, all volunteer, charity organization. Donations are tax deductible and no amount is too small. We can’t do what we do without help from others. Donations can be made via our website at Theresa. Please keep Harvey in your prayers. Thank you.

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