Story and Rainbow Bridge

I would like to ask everyone to take a few seconds to think of Story tomorrow at 3 pm as he crosses Rainbow Bridge. Story is a pony that was found wandering the streets in a rural community a couple of years ago. He has severe arthritis in both front knees. We have been able to keep him comfortable (until recently) and he has been a happy pony. He managed to get around and to quickly move out of the way of other horses, if necessary. But we felt it would be best for him to live where he didn’t have to worry about being chased by other horses and potentially being hurt. He went to live at a foster home not far from the rescue.

His foster family loves him dearly and this isn’t easy for them – it isn’t easy for any of us. I try to picture Story running pain free with a new, restored healthy body, on the other side of the Bridge. We were blessed to be able to give Story a couple of years of being loved, and well cared for, and he truly appreciates everything that has been done for him. We have also been blessed with a foster mom and dad that adore him, volunteers that have helped care for him, and donors to help with his care cost. He’s loved by many. But it’s time to let him go.

We love you Story – always.

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  1. RIP Story. thank you and his foster for all you did for him to make his life happy.Kathryn Baker   

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