Betsy Rose Update

I apologize for not updating sooner. My cell phone is broken – dropped it in water a few days ago – it works sporadically. Betsy Rose LOVES carrots (but only gets a few little bites)! She sparks up at the sound of one breaking and she gets excited! She even lets out a whinny when she knows she’s about to get one! She drinks and tries munching on hay but her teeth are bad. Her heart rate is better than it was earlier today and her temperature is normal. She hasn’t gone poop but has gut sounds.

There is infection going on somewhere in her body. Dr. Natalie is running another test and we’ll have that result in the morning and then we’ll be advised what medications she needs. Betsy Rose can’t get up without assistance and she can’t stay up without the sling. But she does go sternum and we roll her every couple of hours. We won’t be able to get her in the sling again until tomorrow. She’s currently napping.

We truly appreciate your prayers, good thoughts, and donations to help her. I don’t know what her future holds but for now, she is comfortable, and she knows she matters. Be assured we won’t let her suffer but we aren’t ready to give up – she isn’t ready to give up. It’s really sad she’s had to endure this. With help from others, we can make sure her future is everything her past should have been. God bless and have a good night. Going to take a quick much needed shower.

Betsy Rose – she has light in her eyes…

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