Betsy Rose this am…

Good morning! One of our many prayers was answered this morning – Betsy Rose went poop!

And she has put weight on all four, stood on her own with supporters next to her, taken a few steps  (it was shaky though) in the sling, and she is happy to be able to try to graze when she is in the sling! We don’t know how many days she had been on the ground, unable to get up or to graze, before we brought her to the rescue.  Go Betsy Rose!

Betsy Rose has been started on antibiotics. We don’t know if she’s going to make it or not but I’ll tell you that today, so far, she’s a happy girl with what appears to be an iron will. And her whinnies are adorable! She tried to get up through the night but was too weak and we didn’t want her to wear herself out. So we rolled her and made sure she was comfortable. We have to be careful about the bedsores. She has an injury to her left leg and is pretty lame. We were told she was kicked by a big horse a month ago. She is far from being out of the woods but she is trying. And she knows we’re trying. I’ll update later – need to run some fluids. Thank you all for caring and helping!

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