Betsy Rose today… 06/16/13

This morning: Betsy Rose needs to stop thrashing to try to get up! Please pray that she realizes she is causing more harm and that she needs to rest to regain her strength so when the time is right she can get up. She’s getting more sores from the thrashing that we are treating. She gets Rescue Remedy, she loves the smell of Lavender which I think helps calm her some. But there is no stopping her when she tries to get up. Mmc Eventing is on their way to help us get her back into the sling – we are short on help this morning.

This afternoon:
She got into her sling around 11:30 this morning and she wants to go! She is determine to walk but her body just isn’t strong enough yet.

She’s got light in her eyes!  However, she is likely blind in her right eye.

She has her water bucket, hay, and mash all within reach. Today she is trying to walk more and she has put weight on all 4 for very short periods of time.

The sling is an awesome lifesaving tool and we are very blessed to have it but it is a LOT of hard work to make work. It takes at least 6 people to get her in the sling – ideally 7. And manpower is an issue. It’s just me and Bob for the most part and after doing this for a couple of days it drains you. We have a volunteer(s) some parts of some days for routine things – we won’t let the care for the other horses down. Our snow bird volunteers have gone for the summer so it leaves us short. If anyone knows a local labor pool that we could pay (at a reasonable price) to come at least once a day to get her in the sling it would be so helpful. Bob and I just can’t do it without more help. Also, we can’t, and won’t, leave her unattended. I promised her she will never be alone while she is recovering.

Please keep Betsy Rose in your prayers – I believe there is strength in prayer and miracles do happen!

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  1. Have you ever put a camera on MareStare? They are an excellent community that are made to help people watch their horses in need- be they pregnant mares or special watch requests like Betsy Rose.

    • We have used marestare but now we have our own camera/monitoring system. If you go to our webpage you will find instructions on how to log in and watch 24/7!

  2.  Theresa,with all of the TB farms up there nearby, aren’t there some who would help by letting you hire one of their workers just to come over and help put her

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