Betsy Rose’s Day

Watching Betsy Rose graze this am when she went out for some exercise and sunshine brought tears to my eyes. I was so happy for her! She had been out and would try to graze before in the sling but she never once bit off a blade of grass. Today when she tried – it was like total shock to her! Dr. Bess worked on her very sharp teeth yesterday which made a huge difference. The look on Betsy’s face was worth a million dollars – she looked so surprised! Once she realized she could bite off the grass she didn’t want to pick her head up! She likely hadn’t had grass for a long time – her gut was loaded with sand when she came to us. She was very happy and I enjoyed seeing green stains on her lips!

Betsy Rose got to do this 3 times today!

It was another horribly hot day that slowed everyone down – even CaryLou. Betsy is a bit tired tonight. Her poop is now formed and is looking healthier. There is still sand but not nearly as much. Dr. Julia will be back tomorrow to do more acupuncture on Betsy. Thank you all for caring about this little mare – she’s loved from around the world and I tell her so!

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