Betsy Rose SATURDAY Update

Betsy Rose must be feeling better. She totally did not want her oral meds this morning and decided to take a few steps backwards while pushing her sling about 2′ down the aisleway!

Betsy Rose really enjoyed her outing this afternoon. It was the longest walk we’ve taken her on. We stopped many times for her to rest. It seemed to perk her up and she grazed a bit. She enjoyed seeing other horses. She’s napping really good right now.

Betsy Rose – a hero in every sense of the word!

The day Betsy Rose arrived she could not stand. She was very close to Rainbow Bridge. But I felt an energy from her – she had heart and a will to live. I asked for prayers for her and many came. I believed then and I believe now – miracles do happen. No matter what the outcome, I believe Betsy Rose found her way to us for a reason. Thank you all for not giving up on Betsy Rose and on us.

Betsy Rose a couple of days after arrival – still too weak to hold her head up for more than a few minutes.

Celesta got to go out for a few minutes today.

That’s Little E in the background admiring Betsy Rose!

Mo is stunning! He’s a very smart, funny, and friendly Arabian gelding that is looking for a forever home!

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I’m not feeling very well – our daughter is home tonight and has offered to take my shift with Betsy Rose so I’m calling it a night. Thank you all for caring about our little Betsy Rose!

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  1. She is looking so happy……. watching her get better every day is so inspiring…. keep up the excellent work Theresa and crew..!!!!!!!!

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