Tuesday July 2nd Update – Sorry I forgot to publish this!

Betsy Rose and Freckles had a great night. At 2 am Kitty Cat was sitting on the corner of the sling looking up at Freckles (she’s out of reach) and the 3 of them seemed to be having a conversation. LOL!

Betsy Rose loves her meals and Freckles is always close by!

Siesta time for Betsy Rose and Freckles!

Betsy Rose is up to about 251 lbs from about 245! This is really good! It doesn’t sound like much but it is. It took her body some time to start absorbing nutrients – her gut was irritated by a lot of sand she had ingested. She is being fed a diet she can actually eat. And she was so weak I’m sure she burned needed calories easily struggling to get up when she was down. Baby steps are good.

It’s really great to see Celesta out laying in the grass!

Little E. A very wise 30+ year old Arabian gelding.

Nevada. Simply handsome!

Sisco watching over his mares today. He is doing great and no signs of tumors!

I had an interview with Ocala Magazine this morning which went well – I’m feeling good about it. It won’t be published until September so it gives us something to look forward to. Have a great night, everyone!

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