Betsy Rose Update 07/09/13 – From Independence Day!

I’m behind on everything and trying to get caught up – I apologize for being so late getting this out.
I had a video of Betsy’s Independence Day Walk I was going to share but I can’t find it. I may have accidentally deleted it.
But here are a couple of pictures of the day. We were so proud of her!

Watching from the top of the sling was Freckles just singing away!
"Roll the sling away – let the music play! It’s Independence Day!"

She rested for a bit and then had an appointment with Dr. Julia.
Betsy Rose is getting a bit more animated with her acupuncture treatments!

After acupuncture she yawned several times. Freckles got a little massage. Both are happy.
Freckles has to stay high up so the babies and doggies don’t take her away. Everyone wants Freckles!

Awake and starting to announce she expected lunch. Notice the blue pillow was tossed.

Sorry for the fuzzy picture she was in the process of clearing her table for lunch. LOL!

And another milestone – grazing with no sling or support!
I do have a video of this I’ll try to upload soon.

Thank you all for your prayers, generosity, love and support for our sweet Betsy Rose!

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