BHFER Tuesday & Wednesday Update

The walk Betsy Rose took last night was 185′ on her own (with spotters)!

Look how happy she is – we were all happy! After she got going, she felt good enough to try to walk a bit faster but she tripped and thankfully, we caught her. She recovered and took a rest and then kept going. She’s a very smart little mare with a huge determination!

Remember Gypsy, the mare that was going to be fed to big cats because she was dangerous? I adored this mare. Here is a link to her story when she first arrived at Beauty’s Haven.

We would never knowingly adopt out a horse that is dangerous. Well, being around horses, there is always a chance for danger. But Gypsy is a loving and beautiful soul. Someone just needed to listen to her and communicate with her in a non threatening way and show her that having a relationship with a human could be a good thing. I spent some time on the ground with her – a few short sessions a day over a few weeks is all it took. She wasn’t mean or anything of the sort. As suspected, she was just misunderstood.

She went to her adopted home many weeks ago and she is adored!

The boys will be able to play together in a couple of months. Soon, we will have a castration day before it gets hotter. All 3 will get snipped.

Next week will be busy – and a bit stressful. Solace is tentatively scheduled to go to the hospital on Thursday, June 25th, to have his cracked tooth extracted – it’s all the way in the back of his mouth. Dr. Porter did x-rays and it appears to be cracked. This could be the source of infection that leads to his sinus. The estimate was $450. We have received $200 thus far and need an additional $200. Would anyone like to help with this need? The top picture was what he looked like when he arrived this past December – another horse that would not have lasted much longer. The picture on the bottom was recently taken.


Dr. Ryan was out to look at a spot just under Cookie’s left eye – it’s that dreaded "C" word – squamous cell carcinoma. Cookie is tentatively scheduled to go to the hospital on Monday to have it surgically removed. It does not appear that the eye itself has been compromised and we are very thankful for that. She had been adopted out but came back a few months ago. If anyone would like to help to sponsor Cookie’s surgery and aftercare please let me know – we need to raise $1000 – $1200.

Update: Solace’s surgery is taken care of – thank you everyone! Now we need to get Cookie’s cancer taken care of. SCC is an aggressive cancer and the sooner the surgery the better. Donations can be called directly into Peterson & Smith at 352-237-6151 to help Cookie. Please mention that the donation is for Cookie.

Please consider making a tax deductible donation to help us to continue to help the horses. No amount is too small. Donations can be sent to my PayPal address: theresa or made various ways via the “Donate” page of our website:

Thank you all for your love and support.

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