Saturday 07/20/13 – Betsy Rose’s Saturday Update

"Freckles here! Betsy Rose is feeling better today! I was a little worried about her yesterday afternoon but she just needed some good rest. Today it wasn’t as hot and we got to go for a walk right after breakfast!"

Betsy Rose did well walking down the little hill in front of the barn.

Once we got to the shade of the tree she grazed and got a sponge bath.

She did well walking back to the barn. Today was the longest she’s stayed out of the sling! Each day she is a little stronger.

She’s so good about the sling – as soon as she got into position she just walked right under it and we hooked her back up. The sling is always there but she stands the majority of the time. Her legs are getting stronger. But she sleeps in the sling too and she does get needed REM sleep. She just isn’t strong enough yet to get up on her own should she go down. Today she only tripped up once but recovered nicely. She is getting some muscle on her. Yesterday when Dr. Julia worked on Betsy Rose she commented that there was a bit more for her to stick the needles into.

A good REM sleep today. She’s rested throughout the day like she should. This is healthy for her. Slow and steady progress. This is just what is needed in a rehab case such as Betsy’s. Her will to live certainly helps a lot too!

She had a visitor today – Sandie brought her some treats and spent some time with her. Betsy Rose is certainly loved – she is a very special girl with a huge love for life. She’s very determined to get better and we do believe that she will be walking on her own again soon.

Evening stroll.

Cookie got a good bath today! She will be going in the hospital on Monday for surgery on Tuesday to remove the squamous cell carcinoma below her right eye.

Wishing everyone a wonderful Sunday!


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