Betsy Rose, Cookie, Penelope & Penny

Betsy Rose opening her present from Robin Mitchell today – she’s adorable! It’s a flymask custom made by SPECTACKULAR! She’s adorable! So is Freckles!

"Look Betsy Rose – you have another present! Quick – open it!"

"Oh my gosh – it’s a flymask! I’ve never had anything like this before! It has MY name on it!!!"

"You look so cute Betsy Rose – you’re special and I’m so proud of you! You are loved – never forget that!"

Is she not adorable?!? She loves her special made fly mask! Thank you Robin Mitchell!

She is blind in her right eye.

Finally out of the sling today!! You can see a belly!

Betsy Rose has such a sweet whinny. Enjoy!

Cookie went to the hospital on Monday for surgery to remove squamous cell carcinoma from under her left eye and on her cheek. She did well for surgery Tuesday. Cookie waiting to come out of the padded recovery room.

Back in her stall at the hospital after surgery. We’d like to thank the Equine Cancer Society for helping to pay for some of Cookies surgery costs and others that donated to help her.

Yesterday evening Cookie got to come home – the welcome committee – Penny and Penelope! LOL

I love our long ears!

Have a great night, everyone.


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