Wed & Thursday Update: Betsy Rose, Solace, Mo, & the Minis

Solace has an infection that is believed to originate from a cracked tooth all the way in the back of his mouth. Infection may have made its way to his sinus’. He will be going to the hospital today – we’ll see what more x-rays show and go from there.

This is Solace the day he arrived back in December 2012. Imagine how thin he was without the unhealthy winter coat.

It seemed to take forever with Solace at the hospital today. They did a dental exam, blood work, x-rays, and scoped him. What they found is an almost perfect 3/8" hole in the top of his mouth that goes into his sinus cavity. We need to continue to monitor him as we have been and treating his symptoms. He’s a good boy. At least he didn’t have to have any teeth pulled.

Solace getting X-rays.

Solace being scoped.

This is Betsy Rose introducing Freckles to Dr. Bess. She’s very proud of her little friend! Dr. Bess wants to give Betsy a couple more weeks before sedating her to get to her horrible back teeth. Betsy Rose is gaining weight nicely. She’s a captivating little mare that makes us all smile.

"Hi Dr. Bess! Freckles here – up here!!! I hang out with Betsy Rose all of the time – were BFF! She’s doing really good and everyone is so good to her – she’s loved! She appreciates everyone and everything done for her. She’s told me more than once that she’s more than thankful that she was given another chance – she loves life!"

Dr. Bess was totally in awe of the gifts that Betsy Rose has received! And she thinks Freckles is great!

Betsy Rose was a bit more lively today than she was the first time Dr. Bess met her.

Betsy Rose enjoyed her walk yesterday. After grazing a bit, she wanted to nap. So we let her. She pretty much gets what she wants. LOL She is a tiny little girl that has a huge heart – she makes us all smile. Betsy Rose is simply amazing and adorable! She needs to build muscle and she is – it’s hard to tell looking at the pictures – but she is. Slow and steady…

Yes, Betsy Rose is still thin but she’s put on a good amount of weight. She is more steady on her feet each day. She’s a fighter that believes she can – and she will!

Beautiful even when taking a rest.

I will be so happy for Betsy Rose when she is able to stay out of the sling. It’s going to take a bit more time but I’ll know when the time is right. She’s come a long way.

Betsy Rose. I think her name is just perfect. When I met her the name "Betsy" came to mind. I rubbed her forehead and saw the "design" on it and thought about rose bushes that my mom used to grow. Silly, I guess. But I like it and I think she does too!

Betsy Rose – what more can I say? She’s simply adorable!

The new flymasks are here! Look at these boys – they are so stylish!

Harvey and Gracie. Harvey is growing like a weed! Dr. Lugo really did a great job putting Harvey’s little kneecap back where it should have been.

This is Mo. He’s a 13 yr old Arabian gelding that is looking for a forever home. He’s got a really great personality and a bit of brio – if only I were younger. I just adore Arabians! Mo is smart and he loves to please. Dr. Bess did his teeth yesterday.

Have a great night, everyone.


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