BH 08/4 & 5/2013 Sunday & Monday Update

Some of the horses got much needed baths this past weekend thanks to Wanda Sue Malphurs and her daughter, Martina, and son, Caleb! Look at the pretty horses!

Ceri – a really sweet 20 yr old Arabian mare.

Classy – a Sanctuary pony. She has a permanent trach and front feet issues.

Bella – this is Starbucks mom. She’s available for adoption. Very, very sweet girl.

And this is a Clydesdale named Genesis – a Sanctuary horse. One of his eyes was removed a few months ago and the other has early stage of glaucoma. The vets say he will likely lose that eye within the next 5 years. He came to us several months ago with sores on all of his legs. We were able to get the front ones cleared up. But the back ones needed some extra attention which Jenny has been diligently giving them and they are much better! He has a scrotal hernia and a suspected cancer spot that we monitor. He’s a gentle giant.

Peggy Sue got a hooficure yesterday. Betsy Rose was happy to give up the sling for awhile. Peggy Sue is a Sanctuary mini. She has issues with her back left leg which is basically straight and can’t bend due to an injury years ago when giving birth. She’s a sweetheart. We do keep close eye on her. Sometimes, if she lays on the wrong side, she can’t get up and needs assistance.

Before Betsy Rose just got tucked back into the sling last night. Like me, she was tired! She stayed out for about 3 hours this yesterday evening. She hardly coughed any on Monday and her edema is almost gone and her nasal discharge is better too.

We could use some prayers today for Solace, Amy, and Betsy Rose. Solace had a temp this am and appeared to be trying to choke. It seems to have cleared and his temp is coming down. He’s in a stall under fans. Amy was trying to colic but seems better. Betsy Rose is coughing. It’s too busy here today.

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