Thursday Update 08/08/13

Dr. Julia Simonson and Remona Seckinger came by to see Betsy Rose yesterday. We wanted to review the meds/supplements that Betsy Rose is getting and rule out any potential lung issues – she still has a cough and a snotty nose off and on. Dr. Julia ultra-sounded Betsy’s lungs and they looked good – whew! It was really nice to meet Remona – meeting people in person who we are friends with over the Internet is great – I love sharing Betsy Rose with others! She’s just adorable!

Bonnie is a new volunteer at the rescue. Where she gets her energy I have no clue! LOL! But we sure do appreciate her and her time. And the horses love her – thank you Bonnie!

Look where we are! Thank you Dutch Henry and TrailBlazer magazine!

This is sweet little Morgan – she is available for adoption. Pamela Zarem has been fostering Morgan. Pam’s daughter, Brittany, has been riding her. Thanks Pam and Brittany!

This is Nevada. He was 1 of 3 horses we took in this past December. We called them the Christmas Trio – all were very thin. The other 2 were mares we named Sachet and Noelle. Authorities working the case asked us if we could take them – otherwise they would end up at auction. Taking 3 in at once was a huge undertaking but they needed help and it was the holidays. Over time, all recovered. Sachet and Noelle have found homes. I have ridden Nevada – he is a very nice horse. One day, I saw him running and playing with the 3 year olds and he came in lame. Dr. Porter will be out tomorrow to examine Nevada, check on Cookie’s eye and a new spot on the side of her face, examine the mare with the SCC in her eye and on her nose, and to follow-up on Solace. We are looking for sponsors to help with Dr. Porter’s visit tomorrow with the exception of Cookie – she should be covered thanks to funds raised by the Equine Cancer Society through an online auction fundraiser (many thanks to ECS and the participants of that too!). The first was taken after Nevada’s arrival this past December. The one on the right was taken a couple of weeks ago. He deserves his very own human but until we figure out why he is lame and identify a treatment plan and any possible limitations, he will remain at Beauty’s Haven.


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