Betsy Rose & Freckles want to help Divinity

Betsy Rose and Freckles want to help Divinity!

Hey everyone, Freckles had a great idea for a fundraiser! Here is how the idea came about:

Freckles – "Betsy Rose, I heard the humans talking about Divinity and her cancer. They said she needs to go to UF to have her eye removed. But …she has a cancer place at her nostril and the vets there need to determine if it can be treated or not. It’s in a place where, if it is deep enough, they may not be able to remove it because it would go into her gum. But no matter what – can we please help Mommy Theresa raise money to help with this?"

Betsy Rose – "How can we help, Freckles?"

Freckles – "Well, would you be willing to give up some of your tail hair? Everyone loves you – the humans could make a horsehair bracelet from your tail hair and auction it off! If we could raise the money it would take a lot of worry off of Mommy Theresa."

Betsy Rose – "Wow! That’s a GREAT idea! Here – cut it now! Go get Mommy Theresa and let’s do it! Everyone has been so good to me and Divinity is such a nice mare! She deserves a chance just like I did! I DO want to help! You’re an awesome and thoughtful friend Freckles!"

So, today we will start the bidding on a beautiful horse hair bracelet made from Betsy Rose’s hair! Bidding will start at $50. Please bid in $5 increments. Bidding will end 8-20-13 at noon. Please share and happy bidding!! Current bid: $330 PS: please don’t worry – we are collecting Betsy Rose’s tail hairs when we brush her tail – they are falling out. So is her mane. But this is ok – new hair is growing in.

Betsy Rose whinnying in excitement about the thought of helping Divinity!

This is Divinity – the mare that Freckles and Betsy Rose are helping to raise funds for. Dr. Porter referred her to the University of Florida for an assessment and to potentially have her left eye removed – she has squamous cell carcinoma…. She also has SCC under her right nostril – this area is of most concern. The vets at UF will have to determine if this area can be treated – it may be too large and too deep. We hope to get her in on Wednesday. Divinity is otherwise, in good health and is perky and interested in everything around her – especially the boys. Divi is at a foster home where she has her own stall and a green grass paddock where she can go at night.

Betsy Rose patiently waits to get out of her sling.

Betsy after a meal and now sleepy. But it doesn’t stop her from visiting the feed room door (again)!

Lucy is a miniature horse that has Big Head Disease. The vets had recommended she be put down – she had multiple issues and her prognosis was grim. I went to meet her at the hospital and felt a connection. She was only 3 years old and deserved a chance to get better – and she did! She is another miracle! She gets fed a special diet due to her condition. Lucy needs a large container of Well-Gel which is $232. Would anyone like to help Lucy? It will last her several weeks. Donations towards this can be called directly into the vet’s office at 352-237-6151. Thank you! – UPDATE – this has been covered.

For those of you who remember Kami (Comet), her mom, Haley, and dad, Rusty…. She’s still a hoot! Could you imagine her with CaryLou? Thanks for sharing this Melissa and George!


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