Wednesday Evening Update 08/14/13

Betsy Rose had a good day yesterday. She is now out of her sling for about 14 hours each day! Dr. Bess will be here today to finish off her teeth and then she’ll be able to graze which I know she will love. She pretty much has quit trying to graze – she can’t grind her teeth to chew and she was working for nothing. LOL She’s a smart pony!

This Afternoon:

Betsy Rose did great for Dr. Bess! As soon as the sun goes down, she’ll be out of her sling and we’ll see how she does on grass. It will be the first time in years that she’ll be able to actually grind/chew. The heat has been horrid today, so we left her in the sling with fans and the mister on her. She is, totally, spoiled.

Betsy Rose – seeing is believing! Enjoy the short video of of this little miracle!

She’s like a little lawn mower! She hasn’t picked her head up since she realized she can actually chew and swallow!!! She brings back flashbacks of good times when our human kids were growing up! The many "firsts" that we experienced! Little things that mean so much.

Cookie received a package yesterday with some nice surprises! She LOVES getting presents! Thank you Kathy Malloy, Donna Trest, Becca Bazhaw Mead and the Equine Cancer Society! And many thanks to everyone who helped Cookie via the raffle by the Equine Cancer Society! Cookie is doing wonderful. Now, let’s pray she continues to do well and that Divinity will follow in her footsteps and do well also! Uh oh – I was just told that more packages have arrived!

Oh my gosh look at this!!!!! Cookie got a beautiful and personalized fly mask that provides extra protection from the sun which was made by! Thank you Becca and the Equine Cancer Society!!!

Before calling it a day I’d like to ask everyone to include Divi in your prayers tonight. Tomorrow afternoon, she will be going to the hospital. I pray for a good prognosis and many more happy years ahead for her.

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