Betsy Rose – our little survivor

Betsy Rose – our little survivor. The courage this little mare has is incredible! One of these days I’ll share in an album some of her photos that were taken throughout her rehab. I didn’t share many because they would have made you cry. What she endured was horrible – but it was reality and needs to be made available to be seen in order for people to better understand what humans did, or didn’t do to her.

We need to start pushing for strong laws to protect the victims. We must be their voice. You’ll be able to choose if you want to see the photos and videos or not. Some will bring tears, anger, and feelings that words can’t describe. While I focus on the positive things with my posts – I don’t want to forget the pure hell Betsy Rose endured. If her story can prevent just one animal from being treated as she did what a blessing that would be. And if, through her rehab, others can learn what rehabing a horse in her condition entails and it helps them to help others – that too would be a blessing. It’s not easy. It’s an emotional roller coaster ride. It’s physically and mentally challenging. But it’s so worth it. I adore this mare and I thank God and all of you for helping us to make sure that her future will be everything her past should have been.



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